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There are many life coach training schools out there, but there is only one that can produce results supported by scientific facts and data.  As a Master Burris Life Coach, I am authorized by The Burris Institute to train aspiring coaches/counselors on how to use the Functional Emotional Fitness™ discipline.

Our certification training is a 12-hour curriculum, covered in 3 – four hour sessions.  To become a Burris Life Coach, you must pass the 12 hour training, then you must “coach” 3 clients using the online tools available only to Burris Institute coaches found on the Burris Connect coaching site.  Upon your certification, you will have access to a powerful set of online tools to use with every future client you engage with.

Who would become a Burris Coach/Counselor?

•                You could be an existing coach or mental health professional that wants to add an evidence-based process to your practice.

•                You might be a corporate training department looking to bolster your leadership development training curriculum.

•                Chaplains assigned to combat deployed soldiers, airmen, sailors, or marines can utilize this process in remote areas.

•                Entrepreneurs looking for a proven process to base a life/wellness/weight loss coaching practice on.

All of these possibilities face the same challenge; the challenge of producing results.  With Functional Emotional Fitness™, you get the benefit of over 25 years of proof that this discipline not only works, but you will have the data to back up your claims.

If you’re ready to get certified, find a date that works for you.  CLICK HERE to view available training dates on the Burris Institute website.


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