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Warrior Life Coach® uses a methodology known as Functional Emotional Fitness™. It is the process of learning how to take control of your emotional states and behavior.  The difference between our approach and other behavioral methodologies are as simple as this:  We work on fixing the problem, not on what caused the problem.  The primary focus is to fully understand how each individual processes information from the deepest level of their subconscious. All human beings must go through an internal process that is very consistent in order to bring about an emotional state and behavior.

We have established a standard for coaching that is unmatched by anyone in the field of counseling, therapy, or mental health. Through our partnership with The Burris Institute, our approach is the culmination of 25 years of research, development, and documented results with a wide range of behavior disorders. It is evidence-based, produces measurable outcomes in the warriors’ emotional states, and is maintained on a fully secured, operational Internet platform that offers warriors complete access to their information and tools.  This is a forward focused methodology, as opposed to many traditional therapies that dig into the painfulpast of a warrior’s combat experience.  To date, our clients have generated a 46% reduction in suicidal ideation.  We think that speaks for itself.

Many warriors may seek life coaching for reasons other than mental health. These reasons range from career decisions, wellness planning, and personal organization. Regardless of the reason, we will maintain confidentiality surrounding their reasons for seeking our services.  Additionally, we provide personal strength assessments, career transition assessments and counseling, along with a Time Management primer for warriors with stress related disorders and/or traumatic brain injuries.


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